If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's blogs that are basically advertisements for products. A blogger selling out is so sad, and a blog pushing products is not one I would trust. 

For that reason, I've turned down, and will continue to turn down all sorts of advertising or offers of free products thrown my way that I don't believe in. 

I would never, ever let anyone but myself dictate what I post, and I would never voice an opinion that was not entirely my own. 

Any product I do accept is one I have been interested in anyway, and any offer I accept is one that benefits my readers, not just myself. I've never made any money from blogging, and don't plan on doing so in the future. 

99% percent of what you see here is bought with my own money, borrowed from friends and family, or won in competitions, fair and square.

The integrity of my blog is top priority, and I would do absolutely nothing to compromise that. 

So if I get free shit, you know it's really good free shit, and I fully believe that myself.